Monday, 7 January 2013

Sifteo Cubes

Hi: Today I want to tell you about Sifteo Cubes!!!! I got them for Christmas. Sifteo Cubes are fun games and puzzles in a cube. The cubes talk to each other wirelessly. It's really cool. They talk wirelessly when they are side by side, and when you tilt them or shake them or even when you press them. You can play with your family and friends. The games that come with the cubes are, cube buddies, code cracker, word caravan, chroma splash. My sifteo cubes game came with 3 sifteo cubes and I was lucky enough to get an extra add on one for more fun. Thank you Rachel from Sifteo Cubes. What else was in the package?? 1 sifteo base, 1 USB cable, batteries, 1 black carrying bag :).

I like sifteo cubes because it has fun games to play with on the road and at home. I thought the game would come in the mail in November but they came for Christmas so I was so surprised. I first saw them on youtube and we went to like every store and could not find them. They are not in Canada yet but you can order them from the sifteo website. You can get them there.  Yay! I was so interested in them because I love puzzles and the games looked so cool.
You can see my vlog here. 
You can get your sifteo cubes here by using my very special blogger's link.
Happy New Year!!! Thank you Sifteo Team for making such a cool game that is so much fun. Sifteo cubes exercise your brain in a fun way. :) They are fun for the whole family.
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