Monday, 28 January 2013

Review of Encyclopedia britannica 6 book science library books

I wanted to show you guys one of the gifts I received from Santa. It was the Encyclopedia britannica 6 book science library books. I love science so I was really excited to get these books. 
The box comes with 6 books and one SD-X Pen Reader. The books all have 80 pages. The SD-X Pen Reader reads texts, defines words. There are games like Look and Find, True or False, Multiple Choice, and much more. You can read and learn about Space, Earth, Humans, Animals, Under the Sea,  Dinosaurs, Reptiles, and Birds. All of the books are really interesting. 
Santa brought this for me but if you can find them you can find them here
Check out my video here. :)

Monday, 21 January 2013

1 Million Youtube video views.

Hi guys: I have some great news. Today I noticed that I have reached a goal. 1 Million Youtube video views. I just wanted to say Thank you for watching, sharing and supporting me. Your support means the world to me.
So check out my thank you you. 
You guys rock!
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Peace and Love Brooke

Thursday, 17 January 2013


Hi guys: On October 21, 2012. I was on the set of Trish's music video called "Way up There" her manager invited me to spend the day with Trish. Please stay tuned to the upcoming vlog. Thank you @649champion  Spending the day with you Trish was a dream come true. Thank you so much. It was the best day ever. oxoxo  I am going to post my vlog closer to when she releases the video but for now. Here is Trish singing the amazing song "Luv The Way" I love you Trish! You can buy the song from itunes too. :)

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Peace and Love oxoxo

Monday, 14 January 2013

Product review for Hearts4Hearts dolls Tipi and Nahji

Hi guys: One of my youtube friends watched my Christmas Morning and she sent me an email asking if I could do a review about Hearts4Hearts girls. I thought it would be cool if I just answered the questions to her email and then do a vlog too. So here goes.

1.What are Hearts4Hearts girls?
Hearts for Hearts girls are dolls that come from different cultures.

2. Which dolls do you have?
I have Lillian, from Russia. Tipi she is from Laos. Nahji she is from India and Rahel she is from Ethopia. I got them for Christmas.
Just in case you missed it. Here is my Christmas video where I got my dolls.
3. Where can I find them?
If you want to buy them you can find them at Walmart and Target. You can also get them here.

4. Why do you like them Brooke?
I like them because I don't know I just love them and I love what they are all about. They are about changing the world.

5. What is your favourite passage in their books that you like so much and why? Nahji's book she wrote " Believe...when you believe in yourself, when you are strong in your heart, then you can change the world around you for the better. That is what I truly think!"
Tipi wrote in her book Dreams..."But I think having a dream can take you many places, just like the Mekong, and then bring you back to many more stories to tell."
I love these passage because I think the same way. It's all true. That's all.

6. When will you be reviewing the dolls and which ones please?
I'm going to review Tipi and Nahji...check it out right here. Here is the vlog.
You can see my product review here about Hearts4Hearts girls Tipi and Nahji.
Thank you mimxtc for writing to me and also for watching my youtube videos. That means a lot to me.

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Monday, 7 January 2013

Sifteo Cubes

Hi: Today I want to tell you about Sifteo Cubes!!!! I got them for Christmas. Sifteo Cubes are fun games and puzzles in a cube. The cubes talk to each other wirelessly. It's really cool. They talk wirelessly when they are side by side, and when you tilt them or shake them or even when you press them. You can play with your family and friends. The games that come with the cubes are, cube buddies, code cracker, word caravan, chroma splash. My sifteo cubes game came with 3 sifteo cubes and I was lucky enough to get an extra add on one for more fun. Thank you Rachel from Sifteo Cubes. What else was in the package?? 1 sifteo base, 1 USB cable, batteries, 1 black carrying bag :).

I like sifteo cubes because it has fun games to play with on the road and at home. I thought the game would come in the mail in November but they came for Christmas so I was so surprised. I first saw them on youtube and we went to like every store and could not find them. They are not in Canada yet but you can order them from the sifteo website. You can get them there.  Yay! I was so interested in them because I love puzzles and the games looked so cool.
You can see my vlog here. 
You can get your sifteo cubes here by using my very special blogger's link.
Happy New Year!!! Thank you Sifteo Team for making such a cool game that is so much fun. Sifteo cubes exercise your brain in a fun way. :) They are fun for the whole family.
 You can download more games at
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Peace and Love Brooke

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