Saturday, 6 August 2016


Hi guys,on July 24th 2016, I went to the 10th annual Youth Day Toronto, and it was amazing. I was in the annual flag parade. I held the Ontario flag with many other amazing volunteers. I interviewed many fantastic performers. I met so many confident performers. Wow! They showed so much confidence in their performances too.  Here is one of the questions I asked. "What is your advice for the other people's who want to perform?" I loved that the artists that I interviewed had similiar answers...such as "You have to practice. You can't give up and you must want it." I agree and I think that is super important. Youth Day inspires everyone to do what make themselves happy. I love to see youth achieving their dreams thanks to our Founder Tylaine Duggan.

Check out my video here. Thank you @VanessaLu @FreeStyle__Flow @LaToyaMullins for the interviews.

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