Monday, 23 July 2012

Youth Day 2012 Toronto

Hi guys: Today I was a media person at Youth Day Toronto 2012. It was so much fun! I got to meet so many people today. So many talented youth. They got to perform. I saw so many singers, dancers, rappers, models, different vendors and they were amazing. Sadly, it started to rain and we had to leave but it was the best youth day ever.

What is youthday? It is a day where we celebrate the many talents of youth...kind of like a showcase.

So this is what I saw check it out. Here are some pictures from this amazing day.

Keys Kimberlite Enterprise Youth Singers

Gabriela Rodgers on facebook @Gabrielarodgers on twitter

Tatyana D'Voce

Dynamek Crew

 @Holidaybrosent @ChizzyBashment on Twitter

 @Iswayze @smuggzholiday @MrHoliday on Twitter

Amnesty International

@rocklobsterfood on twitter Yum

Youthday Gallery


So many more pictures will be posted on my facebook so please stay tuned. If you don't see your picture here. It may be there. So feel free to take it if it is of you. Please let me know what you think by commenting and saying hi.
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Ok here are the pictures Album 1
Album 2
Also check out my youtube video will see many cool performances and shoutouts from some amazing performers.

While I was at youth day. Some really nice people gave me some gifts for the orphanage I will be visiting in Jamaica. Thank you Flow 93.5 for the T-shirts...Thank you to  Kimberlite Enterprise for giving me a T-shirt and offering to donate 24 T-shirts Wow!!!!!!

In this picture I am showing one of the Tshirts that donated to my orphanage project. Yay! "Smart, Sharp, Successful"

In this picture I just got 24 water bottles that were donated by @donnalee_v on behalf of @Cupelocal79 they will be gifts for the kids that I will be visiting at the orphanage. I also got some wildflowers. The children are going to love them too. Yay @donnalee_v and @Cupelocal79 Thank you so much. #kindness

Thank you to Youth Day Toronto for organizing such a great event. Thanks Ms. Nicholls for inviting me to be a media person too. Cool.

Peace and Love
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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Omg!!! My before and after using Curly Q's

Hi guys: Here is my before and after results using Curly Q's. I have been using this product since I was 6 and I always get great results. My subscribers are always asking...Brooke what hair products do you use? So here is one of my faves.

Btw...I have many hair textures. My hair seems to always be always changing. Right now I have 3b in the front, 3c in the middle, 3b at my neck and some straight peices too. So there you have it.  So check out my before and after using Curly Q's.

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Peace and Love Brooke

Monday, 16 July 2012

I got my ears pierced. Whoohoo!

Hey guys: I have been begging my mom to let me get my ears pierced. She finally said yes. I have it all recorded for you. Check it out.
Thank you Rose from Mappins at the Pickering Town Centre @findyourstyle

Peace and Love Brooke


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Friday, 6 July 2012

Canada Day at Kinsmen Park

After my afternoon at the Music By the Bay festival. I headed over to Kinsmen Park!

It was a free day of fun for the whole family. There was bouncy castles, games, food and lots to do!

I even interviewed a woman from the Durham Tamil Association that could write names on rice. Wow! Check it out. That's my name on that rice. :)

I headed over to the Kinsmen Park stage. I met my friend Laurel  and we found a spot. We knew Suzie McNeil would be performing.

There were so many @suziemcneil fans. They were so excited to see her perform and so was I.

                                              Here is superstar Suzie McNeil performing.

Here are some pictures of her. My friend Laurel was so excited too. Suzie McNeil had just signed her Canadian flag. Stayed tuned to my facebook because I am going to be posting more pictures of Canada Day at Kinsmen Park. I have many pictures of @suziemcneil performing.
Update: I have just added the pictures from Canada to my facebook page. There are many photos of Ms Neil there. Check it out and while your are there. Please like my facebook page. Thank you.
I even got to ask her a question. This is what I asked her and here is her answer.

1.What do you like doing in the summer for fun?

Answer: I like to go to my parents cottage and go to Toronto beaches but mostly I like to go to my parents cottage.

She also signed my Canada flag too. Cool. That's going in my scrap book/my book of fave memories.

Today was the best day ever. Thank you Ms.Tina Tayes from the City of Pickering for inviting me and I even got to meet the mayor of Pickering Dave Ryan.

Peace and Love

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

How I celebrated Canada Day at the Music by the Bay Festival!

*media pass
*autograph book and pen

On July 1st, Canada Day I went to the Music By the Bay Festival and I got to interview some amazing young musicians.! The names are The Midnite, Amanda Belle, Lyric Dubee, The Joint and Kopano. They all had to audition to play in this festival. This festival is where musicians under the age of 21 get to show their music on Canada Day. Hundreds of people auditioned for a spot but only 10 got picked. Cool. On Canada Day the 10 musicans get the chance to perform and I was there. Here are all the names of the musicans that performed!

I got to interview some of the musicans The Midnite, Lyric Dubee, Kopano, Amanda Belle, and The Joint. Here are some of my pictures from the festival many more pictures will be posted in my album on my facebook. and I am working on a video blogs of the festival with my interviews. So stay tuned to this blog and my youtube channel 
Did you know that Kopano was the headliner. They got to play for one hour. Here is a picture of Kopano giving me an autograph.

Lyric Dubee is amazing and he song a song I requested called Hello Beautiful and said my name too OMG!!!
Here is Amanda Belle performing and I snapped some pics. :) I love her voice. oxoxo

Check out The Joint! Love their music. Great performance!

Here is the band the midnite. You are going to love our interview.

So here is my first interview. The Midnite! @themidnite on twitter


And here is my second interview. Introducing Lyric Dubee Musican and Songwriter. @LyricDubee on twitter.

Here is my interview with Amanda Belle. Please follow her on twitter @abellemusic

Here is my interview with The Joint! Cool interview. Check it out. Follow them on twitter @thejointband

So here is my interview with Kopano. They were the headliners. They got to perform for 1 hour. How cool is that? Please follow them on twitter @wearekopano

Update: Here are the pictures I took from the festival.  Please like my page while you are there. I have 53 likes so far. Whoohoo!
Album 1
Album 2
Album 3
Album 4
I want to say thank you to Lori and Paul Murray for giving the bands this opportunity. Also, thank you for inviting me.  This is kind of a big deal but Guess what!? Mr and Mrs. Murray got an award from the government. Check it out!

Thank you to all the musicans that arranged interviews with me and signed autographs. You were all so nice. Thank you Lyric Dubee for the autographed CD.

Before I forget. I got to meet the mayor Dave Ryan of Pickering. He was there too. Cool! Can't wait for next year.

Peace and Love Brooke