Monday, 14 January 2013

Product review for Hearts4Hearts dolls Tipi and Nahji

Hi guys: One of my youtube friends watched my Christmas Morning and she sent me an email asking if I could do a review about Hearts4Hearts girls. I thought it would be cool if I just answered the questions to her email and then do a vlog too. So here goes.

1.What are Hearts4Hearts girls?
Hearts for Hearts girls are dolls that come from different cultures.

2. Which dolls do you have?
I have Lillian, from Russia. Tipi she is from Laos. Nahji she is from India and Rahel she is from Ethopia. I got them for Christmas.
Just in case you missed it. Here is my Christmas video where I got my dolls.
3. Where can I find them?
If you want to buy them you can find them at Walmart and Target. You can also get them here.

4. Why do you like them Brooke?
I like them because I don't know I just love them and I love what they are all about. They are about changing the world.

5. What is your favourite passage in their books that you like so much and why? Nahji's book she wrote " Believe...when you believe in yourself, when you are strong in your heart, then you can change the world around you for the better. That is what I truly think!"
Tipi wrote in her book Dreams..."But I think having a dream can take you many places, just like the Mekong, and then bring you back to many more stories to tell."
I love these passage because I think the same way. It's all true. That's all.

6. When will you be reviewing the dolls and which ones please?
I'm going to review Tipi and Nahji...check it out right here. Here is the vlog.
You can see my product review here about Hearts4Hearts girls Tipi and Nahji.
Thank you mimxtc for writing to me and also for watching my youtube videos. That means a lot to me.

You can find me here.

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