Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Why @Pharrell Williams song Happy is making the World Happy :)

Today I watched a clip of Oprah's interview with Pharrell Williams. He was crying. They were tears of joy.

After seeing that I just really wanted to share my opinion about the clip and the song Pharrell wrote. I think the song "Happy" is a great song for all ages and for all people all over the world. I really think that Pharrell is like Bob Marley because this song makes people feel happy and joyful. People do not need to speak English to understand what the song means. It's a universal song with one language. So like if you don't speak English and you hear the song your soul hears it and feels the love, joy and happiness of the song. Then you just know what it means.

That is why I think this song is touching so many peoples hearts because people and their souls need happiness. When the soul hears the song their is a connection. Then we feel happiness. People made videos to say thank you to Pharrell for giving them joy and happiness. I think that is why Pharrell was crying because he knows that people really need his song. He is right. "Happiness is the truth" So when you are feeling sad listen to HAPPY and all of your senses will receive happiness too. I love this song too. Thank you Pharrell for Happy.

Peace and Love Brooke

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