Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween

Salute and Hi: I was a vampire. Next year I think I'm going to be a zombie. I love Halloween.

Some treats from nana. 
I went trick or treating. It was so much fun but it rained. I got a lot of candy. 2 bags full. Look at it. :) . 
Happy Halloween

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Check out my Outfit of the Day Song by @thanazdaq featuring @iamsdavis

Hi guys: Check out my OOTD Outfit of the Day!
Outfit white tank 9.99, skirt 19.99 and boots 29.99 all from Zellers.
I love this song in the video. I can't stop dancing and singing to it.
The song is by Tha Nazdaq Ft. S.Davis - X&O's
@ThaNazdaq and @iamsdavis on twitter. Thank you for letting me use your song in this video. oxoxo
Video made by me Brooke

Check out
X&O's, The First Official Single Off
Of Tha Nazdaq's Debut EP
Produced By: JRaj Music @JRaj_Music

Produced By: JRaj Music @JRaj_Music
Video Edited By: @HollywoodPro
You can find me here

Thanks mom and dad for help with the links and credits. 

Peace out Y'all

Saturday, 20 October 2012

On the set of The Offical Raptors Fan Anthem music video by @Thanazdaq and @orianamusic

Hi This is Brooke!
Today I was on set of @Thanazdaq video featuring @orianamusic  Produced by @Movernie and @RealSammyT It was so much fun. I met so many celebrities that I talk to on twitter. Sometimes it's so exciting to see someone that you talk to on twitter. Then finally meet them in person. I got to be in the music video it was so much fun. I got to sing and dance. It was so exciting. I got to meet @MoVernie I love him every time I go to Pizza Pizza I see him on the tv. He also has a nice cool hats.
The music video was for @ThaNazdaq song "Give It All You Got" The Offical Raptors Fan Anthem. The @ThaNazdaq is awesome, amazing, cool, exciting and terrific. I think he is so talented and I feel so excited for him that he had so many friends come out to support him for this video. I can't wait to see it. Check out my pictures below.
Check out the @thanazdaq here Twitter

and also check @orianamusic here on Twitter
Thanks to my mom and dad for taking pictures and helping me with the credits and links.

Peace out Y'all.

 Omg!!! Guess who stopped by. Celebrity @Trish
 @orianamusic Gorgeous @orianamusic and all the beautiful models

Thursday, 11 October 2012

PREMIERE of @Reel2Runway & @itsbrookesworld DOUBLE FEATURE Yay!!!!

Hey guys: Check out the PREMIERE of @Reel2Runway & @itsbrookesworld DOUBLE FEATURE on our channels.
So my channel.

Now for international top model, host and Producer of @Reel2Runway video

My mom was crying. Omg!!! I was so happy to see @Trish again. I love her so much. She has the coolest hair and she is so pretty and nice. Thank you Trish I want to show you her new music video too.

Check out @thanazdaq and @iamsdavis new video too. I can't stop dancing to this. I think I know all the words now.

I am still so excited that I was on @runwayrenee show. Thank you for inviting me. This was so awesome. 
@thanazdaq @GWOPPYSWORLD @trish @runwayrenee @iamsdavis @649Champion and Mr. Glen
And...Thank you to  Videograpers James Yogitoz and Zanana Pinas for all their hard work on the show.  
I really like these memories.
Peace and Love Brooke!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Movie Review Hotel Transylvania starring Selena Gomez

Hi guys: Today I went to see Hotel Transylvania it stars Selena Gomez and Adam Sandler. This movie is about Dracula and his daughter Mavis played by Selena Gomez. Dracula wanted all the other monsters to be safe especially his one and only daughter. I thought the was funny, classic and amazing. I think you should go see it. Please check out my video blog on the movie too.
Peace and Love Brooke oxoxox

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My outfit of the day! Picture Day at school.

Hi guys: Today was picture day at school. This was my outfit. Please tell me what you think. My mom bought this at Bonnie Togs. Skirt 19.99 Jacket 24.99 White shirt 9.99 Peace and Love Brooke oxoxox