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How to get more subscribers #Itsbrookesworld tips for kid youtubers.

Hi guys: The number one question I get asked is...How do I get more subscribers. Many of my subscribers are kids so I thought I'd make a video just for kid youtubers. Adults can watch too. :) So here is my response. I hope you like my tips.
Please don't forget to comment and let me know if my tips were helpful.
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Help me reach my goal of 1 million subscribers by subscribing to my youtube channel. That's right 1 subscribers million. Others have done it so I know it's possible for me too.

Never give up on your goal and dreams.

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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Part 2 @ItsBrookesworld at YOUTH DAY TORONTO 2014 with #R2RRadio

Hi guys: It's me Brooke from @ItsBrookesWorld and I'm back with Part 2 of my experience of Youth Day Toronto 2014! As I mentioned in  Part 1 of the last blog, I was on my way to the Hard Rock Cafe @MikiNembhard VIP @in_lounge to meet up with my good pals
Here I am with Miki Nembhard. Ms Nembhard hosted us in the lounge.
I was so excited to do my radio show. It was so exciting to see and interview singers, artists, politicians, celebrities, actors, actress, rappers, icons and performers.
My first interview was with Kelly Lovell. KellyaLovell was great to interview because she was so supportive and sweet.

Then I interviewed the creator of the Jay Stoyan. Mr. Stoyan was so kind and had so much experience to share.

A few minutes later I noticed that my mother was freaking out in a happy way. I realized that I was in mid interview with Much Music icon Michael Williams. This was very exciting. I can actually tell you that we both interviewed each other. Spoiler alert.

Then I interviewed @LaFirmaSantana his voice was amazing.

I didn't think that I would be interviewing any mayoral candidates but it was awesome to interview someone that I had learned about in school Karen Stintz. You can follow her on twitter @KarenStintz

I even got to interview YOUTH DAY TORONTO'S headliner Francesco Yates. I have a secret to tell you about Francesco and he doesn't announce this on his twitter account....he is very shy. He actually sung to me and his voice is very similar to Michael Jackson. I have listened to many Michael Jackson songs. I did my research about Francesco before our interview and I think that Pharrell Williams is right about him. Check it out a clip from our interview. Check out his website too

YOUTH DAY TORONTO was fun and awesome this year. Thank you Tylaine Duggan for making youth day possible. Thank you for giving youth hope and a voice. Check out YOUTH DAY TORONTO's website here
Before calling it a wrap. I had to say hi to my friend Aria from She is a blogger too. Thanks for hanging with me for a bit Aria. You are so awesome!
Now for some more pictures.

Thank you Kevin Chin and Roger Thompson from @Read2rapmusic for giving me a voice. Without you, I wouldn't have a radio show and if YOUTH DAY TORONTO did not exist I would not have met you. You see Tylaine Duggan brought us together. The driven youth do work really hard but sometimes youth just  need to be given a chance and an opportunity to shine. So it's not always about luck. It's about the actions of ourselves and kind people around us. Please remember that everyone. Isn't that what YOUTH DAY is all about?
We are ready to be heard worldwide. See you next year.
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Celebrity blogger/kidblogger
Youngest Youth Day Global Ambassor
Official Blogger for Youth Day Global/Youth Day Toronto
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