Tuesday, 25 February 2014

THE new news for YD Toronto 2014

Hi: This is the new news for YD Toronto 2014. Auditions are now open. So go to http://yd-toronto.com/Auditions.html to audition.

What is YD Toronto?
The founder of youth day is Tylaine Duggan. Ms. Duggan started youth day because she didn't want to see young people pick up a gun. She wanted young people to pick up a microphone or a paint brush.  She saw the talent in people. YD | T.O is a FREE annual festival that celebrates the positive achievements of young people. It also showcases their MUSIC, DANCE, ART, PHOTOGRAPHY, FASHION and FILM talent in front of  over 30,000 visitors.

When is YD Toronto?
July 20 2014 from 11am to 11pm at Yonge-Dundas Square

I have great news. I got my first radio show. It's with @read2rap www.read2rap.com My show will be everyday Saturday from 12pm to 2pm. Stay tuned for more details for the launch date. 

Hanging with Kevin and Roger from @read2RapMusic  :)

This year I am the official YD blogger and I am go to be with @read2rap. Also I am doing my radio show at youth day. So look out for ME!!!!!

 If you would like to part of YD Toronto just go here http://yd- toronto.com/bepartofit.html                                                                
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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

What the power of choice means to me! Black history month 2014! Power of Choice Event!

Hi: I gave my first speech ever on January 30th, 2014. I spoke about what the power of choice meant to me. For the people that missed the event here are some highlights of the Power of Choice Event at the Toronto Police Headquarters in downtown Toronto. Everybody that spoke had something positive to share so here is the video for those who couldn't make it. I loved speaking in front of the audience and I can't wait to do another speech. Thank you everyone for showing me so much love and support. 
Here are awesome highlights.

Shoutout to the first black police officer Larry McLarty. Mr. McLarty it was so wonderful to meet you. 

Now for some pictures. 
Posing with Barbara Hall from the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

Hanging with the awesome @dwayne_morgan Poet, Writer, Performer, Producer, Entrepreneur, Photographer http://www.dwaynemorgan.ca 

Making silly faces with our MC's @JusRed and @MCBonde1 from @G987FM 
Posing with @OfficerRod8037
@officerrod8037 and your team you did a great job of organizing this event. Thank you for inviting me. 

"Remember we all have the
Power of Choice! The way
you use it... makes it more
powerful than ever!" Brooke 

Youth Day Ambassor
Official Blogger for Youth Day Global/Youth Day Toronto