Saturday, 25 August 2012

My visit to the Garland Hall orphanage

Hi guys: I just got back from Montego Bay, Jamaica and I wanted to tell you that. I went to an orphanage called the Garland Hall Children's Home. We went on Monday August 20, 2012. The children were so happy they had a visitor. They knew my name and everything. They even knew my age. They sang me a song thanking me. Then I gave them their gifts. I think they liked their gifts because they were smiling. All the children were very nice.

Thank you to all of my family, friends and community for helping me. Because of you I was able to give so many gifts to the children. I loved my gift too. I love that all the kids signed their names. I will never forget you.
Again thank you Dr. Chan, Dr. Ghaffar, Flow 93.5,  Cupe local 79, Unique by Design Hair Studio, Ms
Kirk, Mrs Langdon, Miss Jaime, Jasmine, Laurel, the auto technicians at Formula Ford, and the @QuadMobb. Also a special thank you to Gregg Connell from Reggae Tours for organizing my visit and Devon for driving us. :) oxoxox

Please check out my video blog of my visit. 

Here I am with the gifts that were donated. I made 27 gift bags. 

and here are some pictures too. I think the children liked their gifts because they were smiling. I got to play with them too. They asked me about Canada. I asked them about Jamaica.  

 Here is the gift the children gave me. I love it. 
 The children signed their names too. I will never forget you. 

I have already started collecting more gifts for my orphanage project for next year.
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Peace and Love Brooke oxoxo.