Sunday, 27 May 2012

Fashion Icon Jeanne Beker

When I was at America's Next Top Model Live I got to hear Jeanne Beker speak to the audience. I was in the audience. She was talking about her book "Finding Myself In Fashion". She talked about fashion and people from the audience got to ask her questions. How cool is that? I got to ask her a question too. You get to see it in my video here.

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Jeanne Beker said "Dress like how you feel." She talked about bullying a little bit. She said the fashion can be tough. She said put your shields up for the mean people and put the shields down for the nice ones. I really liked that advice.
And guess what she has met all the fashion designers in the whole world and supermodels too. Maybe oneday you guys might become a fashion designer or a model and may get to meet her. Everybody around me was so excited that she was there. You know never it may happen. She was awesome. I feel very lucky that I got to see her, hear her speak and ask her a question. Some of the things she said made me feel even more condifident.
Andrea Ellingson got to ask Jeanne Beker a question too. She is the other beautiful lady in the video. She did our makeup too.

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