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Youth Day Rock the Vote! My coverage! Federal leaders please read!!!!

On Wednesday September 23rd, 2015 I went to The Toronto Youth Day Rock the Vote event! The hastag was #YDRockTheVote. It was held at the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Toronto!

I recorded my radio show along with my co-host Ashlee Brown from @Bos_rc and LYF! 
I did get to ask a question at the press conference. 

I shared the stage with @PeterLinseman and my press conference question was answered by liberal candidate @VoteCelina Nice meeting you Mr. Linseman and Ms Celina. 

So here are my thoughts. I was excited to see many leaders from the NDP, Liberals and PC government. Actually, I thought they were going to be at this event because why wouldn't they be? They care about youth right?! However, I was sadly mistaken and this really made me sad. There were federal candidates at the event but they were missing their leaders like Justin Trudeau, Prime Minster Harper and Thomas Mulcair. 

I interviewed many politicians but many couldn't answer my tough questions. I guess they didn't have the answers. There was many artists, youth, actors and actresses. However, not enough federal candidates. I'm an optimist and I still believe in our leaders. So I'm going to extend an official invitation to Justin Trudeau, Stephen Harper and Bill Mulcair to please come to our next Youth Day event. Your commercials are really awesome but I think it's time to show the youth that you care by showing up for us. Thank you

Thank to all the community leaders that showed their support!

 Here are some more pictures. 

Thank you @YDToronto for supporting me as your Youth Ambassador and Official Blogger!
Happy Birthday to the founder of @YDToronto Tylaine Duggan. It just happened to be her 35th United States birthday!!!!!

Thank you for supporting me as a radio host! Please stayed tuned to for the interviews. I will also post the links here in my blog as well. 

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