Tuesday, 30 September 2014

#Itsbrookesworld gets braces for REALLLLL!!!!!!!!

On August I got my braces. On that very day to tell you the truth. I was happy and scared because I didn't know what could happen. Neither of my parents had braces before so I had no one to  tell me how it would feel.

I didn't have to wait very long....soon the dental team started my procedure. The first thing they did was x-ray my teeth. Then they marked my teeth so they know where to put the glue and braces. Then they asked me, '' What color  do I want on my braces. I chose silver, gold, dark green and light green. Then they put on the final things on my braces. It felt so weird.

After the excitement wore off.  It started to hurt but only for a few days. I got some cool gifts like a tooth brush, gum pick, floss...the usual dental swag. So it wasn't really that bad that bad after all. Here is my video of my experience. It is speed up in some parts. I used iMovie to edit. Sorry for some shaky parts. I hope you like it.
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