Tuesday, 2 September 2014

#ItsBrookesWorld Back to school trends: What's cool!

Hi guys: Today was the first day back to school! My first day back was good. I like my teacher and my 6th grade class. I did most of my shopping at the Pickering Town centre @PickeringTC on twitter. I just wanted to show you knows my back to school outfit! Here it its.

My top trends for back to school were: fake glasses, trucker hats, animal themed T-shirts  and overalls. I got all of these at Pickering Town centre at Ardene! Check out my video!

Why do I love this mall?
Because it is very cool and they have lots contests and events.

Why do I love to shop at Ardene's?
There clothes are trendy an in style and you can buy and entire outfit for under 100.00 easily!

What are my favourite stores at the Pickering Town Centre?
Ardene's, Sirens, Gap, Mrs. Fields Pretzel Maker and Claire's

Wishing everybody good luck for this year. Have a great year everyone!

What's new....
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