Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Trish Up There Extraordinary new single

Check out @Trish 's newest single Up There. I totally love it! It's really catchy. It's extraordinary. I think she is going to win some awards for this. Check it out. 

Did you know that this song was written by @lincolnblache
Did you know that this song was produced by @ait_08 /@snazduppro / Bloaw
Fun facts about Trish
Trish changes her hair a lot.
Trish's celebrity hairstylist name is: Sweets @sweets_hair 
Trish's makeup artist name: @sherlyntorres
Trish loves to model, dance, sing and act.
Trish loves kids.
Trish loves her fans.
Trish's Escape Album is coming soon.

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Stay tuned for my behind scenes video of Trish's music video. While on the set of the Up There music video. I cannot wait to share it with you.

Message from Trish:
 As many of you may know I have been recording and performing records off my soon to be released debut album MY ESCAPE which I'm going to release this spring . You will soon hear my story and all its ups and down so just for preview sake , I have my new single ready and before you listen I want you to hear how it came about. I routinely head over to the studio on Sundays in Brampton and unbeknownst to me, my really great friends and fellow musicians Blaow , Lincoln Blache , Aitan , and Snaz, were just wrapping up a session. I haven't seen these guys in ages and it was just positive vibe coming out the place which has been a rarity to me as of late. When ever we are all in the studio we get to talk joke around, and play each other new music and it just so happened that the boys were working on a beat they started that day. The track was in its early stages but their was something about those guitars and the drums that made me just want to get out the funk I have been in lately and just live and breath and be happy again . We ended up writing & recording to the song that night and It must of been like 2 A.M when everyone their that night felt a collective sigh of relief that it was actually done . I couldn't be happier with what we all did and even more nervous & excited to share it with y'all. I have fallen in love with this record which might sound very pretentious of me but just coming from the space I was in at the time of recording it you will understand once the song is done however the story is not over. - Trish
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I love you Trish 

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