Thursday, 11 October 2012

PREMIERE of @Reel2Runway & @itsbrookesworld DOUBLE FEATURE Yay!!!!

Hey guys: Check out the PREMIERE of @Reel2Runway & @itsbrookesworld DOUBLE FEATURE on our channels.
So my channel.

Now for international top model, host and Producer of @Reel2Runway video

My mom was crying. Omg!!! I was so happy to see @Trish again. I love her so much. She has the coolest hair and she is so pretty and nice. Thank you Trish I want to show you her new music video too.

Check out @thanazdaq and @iamsdavis new video too. I can't stop dancing to this. I think I know all the words now.

I am still so excited that I was on @runwayrenee show. Thank you for inviting me. This was so awesome. 
@thanazdaq @GWOPPYSWORLD @trish @runwayrenee @iamsdavis @649Champion and Mr. Glen
And...Thank you to  Videograpers James Yogitoz and Zanana Pinas for all their hard work on the show.  
I really like these memories.
Peace and Love Brooke!

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