Friday, 22 June 2012

Media Launch for Music By the Bay Festival

On June 20th, 2012 I was invited to the media launch for The Music By the Bay Festival. Guess what I get to be media? Cool. 

Here is a picture of Mr and Mrs Murray and me. They make this festival possible. 

This festival is where musicians under the age of 21 get to show their music on Canada Day. Hundreds of people auditioned for a spot but only 10 got picked. Cool. On Canada Day we get to see the 10 musicans that got picked. And guess what I got to meet and interview one of the 10 lucky ones? His name is Cole Hermer. I also got to talk to his parents too. They knew he wanted to play guitar but they didn't know he could sing. Cole surprised them by singing at his first concert when he was in Grade 6. He is only 17 now and he can play beautifully. His mother also told us a surprise. He his working on a album with a member of the band called Glass Tiger. That member is now a music producer. He discovered him at one of Cole's concerts.  So he emailed Cole's parents and he said come to the studio and we will make an album....and now they have 10 songs so far.
Here is a picture of me and Cole's parents.

Here is my interview with Cole Hermer. 

Here is a link to Cole's facebook page. So please like his page. I got to hear him perform and he was awesome. Love his music.

Here is picture of me and Cole Hermer.

The Music By the Bay Festival is on July 1st. Canada Day it starts at 12 noon and ends at 6. The Festival is at Millennium Square and along Liverpool Road South in Pickering. Come out and see all the musicans. Here is the link to the website for more information  It's totally free. I will be there as media. So if you see me...Say hi. See you there.

I hope to do more interviews and be media at more events so if you would like to invite me. Please email me at

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