Friday, 6 January 2012

Happy New Year!!!!!My favorite things of 2011.

2011 has been a great year. I turned 8. I had the best birthday party ever. I went to Jamaica for the very first time. My mom was born in Jamaica and I am part Jamaican/Mixed. I lost 2 teeth and got 5.00 in total for all from the tooth fairy. I fell in love with Monster High dolls and fijit friends. I discovered some amazing new hair produts. I made tons of youtube friends and even reached my goal of 1000 subscriptions. Maybe I will get to 2000 by 2012. I made tons of youtube videos and will make even more this year. I will do even more product reviews. By request here is a recap of my favorite things of 2011.
Favorite tourist resort was Iberostar Rose Hall Suites in Montego Bay Jamaica.

Favorite toys were fijit friends. My youtube friend Kikimakeupful sent this fijit friend Logan all the way from Australia. Wow.

  and monster high dolls...I got this Abbey Abominable doll because I got A's on my math and language test.

My favorite fruit was dragon fruit.

My favorite airline was Westjet.

My favorite place to go rock crawling was GTA Hobbies.

My favorite hair product was Kinky Curly. I like it because of the smell and because everybody kept asking me what hair product I used. I think they liked the results. I loved that I could wear my hair down for a whole week. Cool. I love my curly hair.

I would love to do more product reviews. I really want to show you all the amazing products that are out there and it's so much fun doing them. I'm sure there are so many more products that I have never even heard of that are awesome and I want to show them to you. Kind of like show and tell. Here are the two products that I will definitely be doing Lamik Beauty and Manetane Beauty and I hope to do many more. So stay tuned.
My subscriber favorites were.... Beyonce Inspired....My first makeup tutorial for kids.

Nicki Minaj inspired....My first nails tutorial for kids

and my Angel Halloween Costume. Did you notice my ?

I plan do continue to reaching for the stars. Maybe one day you will see me on the Disney Channel.

My new years resolutions are to help my mom more around the house, to make my bed everyday and to continue to do well in school.
Here is one of my favorite videos. My tour of Toronto. I wrote, directed and edited this video. It is watermarked as "mayterrance" this is my other youtube channel. So it's all good. This is my tour of Toronto. I was actually born in Toronto. My fav part was the Michael Jackson Tribute picture. I am a huge Michael Jackson fan. Enjoy.
Happy New Year Everyone. Peace! Love Brooke oxoxoxox

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