Tuesday, 12 April 2016

My coverage of the Motorcycle SPRINGSHOW!!!

On Sunday April 9th, I went to the Motorcycle Springshow in Mississauga. I was a guest host for BosTv. My co-hosts were Ashlee Brown and Blake co-founders of BOS which stands for Beyond our Streets.

Beyond Our Streets is a gender neutral, GTA-based motorcycle riding club dedicated to making a difference on and off the bikes. While eliminating negative social stigmas associated with the motorcycle scene, we also aim to contribute to the benefit of our community. Each year Our club creates a calendar featuring 12 different female riders in an endeavour to raise funds for said not-for-profit organizations The “Women Ride to Inspire” calendar venture seeks to exemplify the very real strong feminine influence in the motorcycle scene and seeks to inspire more women to ride. 

I interviewed many motorcycle clubs, business owners and entertainers. The motorcycle clubs spoke to me about their charities. I even meet up with Canadian artist Trish

The motorcycle clubs that I interviewed are just people who love motorcycles. Even though some people in this world see them as gangs. They are not. They actually want to support their communities in any way they can. Many have charities that they support you will see this on BosTv.

I had a great time at the show. I saw lots of cool motorcycles. I had some tasty beef jerky. Spent some time with my family. This event was a good one for families and for people who love to walk about and see awesome motorcycles. It was a great event. I would recommend this for everyone.

Thank you Dave Reid (Toronto Dymes), Leisa Washington (Camda Challenge), Devils Progress, Logic (Out to Ride), Lost Boyz, Ride for Desiree, Self Made Stunt Brigade, Gage Sutton from Indianapolis and Trish for the interviews. They will be posted soon on BosTv. So stay tuned. Come back to my blog and check for the link.

Also thank you so much Ashlee Brown for inviting me. 

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