Friday, 4 July 2014

My coverage of Canada Day 2014 at Kinsmen Park featuring @MiaMartina

Hi guys: On July 1st 2014, I celebrated Canada Day at Kinsmen Park in Pickering, Ontario Canada. Firstly, my friend Sarah and I visited the kid zone. We checked out some cool slides and games.

We painted some flower pots and played basketball. 

Then we got henna's by  I got a butterfly and my name. Sarah got some hearts. Then we took some pictures of the events and stations. Check out our photography. Thanks dad and Sarah
Then we got ready for the show. We got our snacks, dinner and of course ice cream. Then I went back stage with Tania a staff from @pickeringevents I was able to take pictures and interview some performers. Here are some pictures, I took while I was backstage. 

I took a picture with @EH440 and then I asked them a question. The video is down below. I thought that they were sweet, down to earth and extremely nice. After their performance Sarah and I put our money together and we bought their new and first album. So @Eh440 they are a vocal band. They do not use any instruments except their voices and technology to create music. They are a acapella band. They were amazing.

Then I saw the band the @Fiddlestix I got their autograph backstage. Here is my opinion of the @Fiddlestix They were very nice and awesome. They used many instruments to make beautiful songs. They used instruments such as the guitar, the bass, drums, keyboard, and of course the fiddle.
It was so cool to get retweeted by @Fiddlestix and @Eh440 and guess what? Both bands are following me on twitter!! Omg!!!
The headliner of the night was @MiaMartina along with her DJ. They both had everybody dancing. It was really awesome to see this. Then the fireworks began. It was a great night.

Canada Day was fun and I'm excited for next year. Thank you @pickeringevents and Sharon Milton for supporting me as a blogger. See you next year.
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