Friday, 25 April 2014

My decorating idea! 11 Reasons why I should decorate my room this year.

Hey guys: I have an  idea. It's a decorating idea! So I am thinking about decorating my room or bedroom. I have wanted to decorate my room for very long time and I think this year I am going to change the colour of my walls to blue. Then I am going  to move my bed to the opposite wall. Also I have three huge widows that I don't want to block.

My plan! So I will move my desk to the second window and take my basket out of my room and put my American Girl dolls in it's place. I am thinking about putting a mini sofa where my bed was. Here is a picture of part of my room. I don't want to show all of my room just yet because I might just make a video of the decorating.  
 Here is a picture of a sofa that I really like and wish I could put in my room. Sadly it's only a picture. I have a 50.00 budget.

So I am not really asking for much. I just want to move my bed to the opposite wall, put a mini sofa where my bed use to be and paint my room. Is that too much to ask for? But this would be my dream room! Just sayin'. This is my style. I love this.

The mini sofa would be across from my bed, if their was one in this picture. So what do you think ? I am turning 11 on May 19 and I am going to give you 11 reasons why I think my parents should agree to this. Well actually, I've been asking my parents if we could please redecorate for a while now and my mom finally said, "Why don't you write me 11 reasons why a room change is necessary."

So here goes. Here are my reasons.

1. My room has been the same way for like forever.
2. I need change :)
3. I have had that colour white on my walls since forever.
4. I have nowhere to relax and chill.
5. I would like my room to show my personality.
6. There is nowhere cool that me and my friends can hang out when they come over.
7. You want me to be happy, right mom and dad?
8. I need my own personal space so that I can pull myself together.
9. I need a nice relaxing place that I can let my feeling out and in.
10. I need a nice quiet place to read.
11. I'm growing up and I need a place to pray, study, have fun and relax. I want to feel like I'm on vacation when I'm in my room.
So wish me luck.
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  1. Awww, Brooke. JJ and I have our fingers crossed that mom and Dad will make your renovation reality come true. Pre-Teens need a cool room. xoxo. Good Luck