Monday, 17 March 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Gotcha Day!

Hi: Today I am going to talk about a special girl. Her name is Tessa (the cat). One year ago, on this day March 17, 2013 on  St. Patrick's Day I adopted Tessa. Tessa is black and white with beautiful green eyes. She has perfect triangle shaped ears. Her birthday is July 27th. She was born in 2010. So she is 3 years old. Before I got Tessa. She was taken from her first parents because they were not very nice to her.

Then she was brought to the shelter by her foster mom. I think Tessa is the best cat in the world because she's sweet, loving and knows when to share some hugs and kisses. Tessa loves to hang out in the sun, climb up Christmas trees and play with the carpet. She always takes naps in my room because it's sunny there. She sleeps with me too. Also Tessa loves the heat a lot. When the sun is shining you will always see her.

On March 17th is Tessa's adopted Day or what I like to call it, Tessa's Gotcha Day. Gotcha Day for me and Tessa is inspired by one of my favourite television shows, Jessie. What is a Gotcha Day? It is a day of celebration. On this day a child or pet is adopted! So she has two birthdays. So on St. Patrick's Day, remember to say Happy Gotcha Day to Tessa. You can say this on twitter, instagram and even facebook. Please tag me. The links are below.

Here is Tessa checking out her Gotcha Day presents! 

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