Monday, 26 November 2012

Top 10 Toys for Christmas: Furby

Hi: It's me Brooke. Today I went to Toys R Us to find FURBY!!!!! It is on my 10 top favourite toys for Christmas picks list! Furby is a GREAT toy for boys and girls to play with with. If you have the ipod touch then you can download the app so that you can  feed furby. If it likes the food then he/she will say mmmm and if he doesn't like the food then Furby will let you know. If you treat furby badly well, then furby well act badly. So I think you should be very nice to furby. The most popular one is purple. So if you get the purple one for Christmas you are very lucky. Get your furby fast because they are flying off the shelves and  they are getting ready hard to find. You can find Furby at Walmart and Toys R Us. That's where I saw some. Well just a few. My mom told me to ask Santa for one so I'm not worried.
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Peace and Love Brooke

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