Monday, 23 July 2012

Youth Day 2012 Toronto

Hi guys: Today I was a media person at Youth Day Toronto 2012. It was so much fun! I got to meet so many people today. So many talented youth. They got to perform. I saw so many singers, dancers, rappers, models, different vendors and they were amazing. Sadly, it started to rain and we had to leave but it was the best youth day ever.

What is youthday? It is a day where we celebrate the many talents of youth...kind of like a showcase.

So this is what I saw check it out. Here are some pictures from this amazing day.

Keys Kimberlite Enterprise Youth Singers

Gabriela Rodgers on facebook @Gabrielarodgers on twitter

Tatyana D'Voce

Dynamek Crew

 @Holidaybrosent @ChizzyBashment on Twitter

 @Iswayze @smuggzholiday @MrHoliday on Twitter

Amnesty International

@rocklobsterfood on twitter Yum

Youthday Gallery


So many more pictures will be posted on my facebook so please stay tuned. If you don't see your picture here. It may be there. So feel free to take it if it is of you. Please let me know what you think by commenting and saying hi.
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Ok here are the pictures Album 1
Album 2
Also check out my youtube video will see many cool performances and shoutouts from some amazing performers.

While I was at youth day. Some really nice people gave me some gifts for the orphanage I will be visiting in Jamaica. Thank you Flow 93.5 for the T-shirts...Thank you to  Kimberlite Enterprise for giving me a T-shirt and offering to donate 24 T-shirts Wow!!!!!!

In this picture I am showing one of the Tshirts that donated to my orphanage project. Yay! "Smart, Sharp, Successful"

In this picture I just got 24 water bottles that were donated by @donnalee_v on behalf of @Cupelocal79 they will be gifts for the kids that I will be visiting at the orphanage. I also got some wildflowers. The children are going to love them too. Yay @donnalee_v and @Cupelocal79 Thank you so much. #kindness

Thank you to Youth Day Toronto for organizing such a great event. Thanks Ms. Nicholls for inviting me to be a media person too. Cool.

Peace and Love
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