Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Toronto Auto Show 2012

Hi: On Saturday February 18, 2012 I went to the Toronto Auto Show! There were all kinds of cars! Some old cars and lots of new cars for 2013!
My favourite cars were the chevy camaro and guess what? I won a die cast hot wheels chevy camaro. Do you know that they only made 7000 in the world and only 2000 came to Canada? I feel excited and lucky that I won one. Cause I have 1 of the 2000 that came to Canada. I think I'm on a lucky streak. Thank you  @HotWheelsCanada
Here I am holding it in this picture with the beautiful lady.
                This is me after this beautiful lady gave me my prize. I'm kind of really excited and happy in this video. :)

                     Did you know that my Dad works for Ford? He is a car lover just like me!

I had so much fun. You should check out the car show with your family. It goes until February 26. Please check out the my video on the toronto autoshow here.

Here is there website. www.autoshow.ca
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Peace and Love Brooke.

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Peace and Love oxoxox Brooke


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